Party Policy

The following policy is for the safety and well being of members and their guests.

  • A party is 10 or more non-members at one time.

  • The host/hostess will provide 7 days notice/reservations of the party to the manager on duty.

  • The host/hostess will notify the manager on duty the time of the party- not to exceed 4 hours.

  • The host/hostess will provide a guest list to the front desk.

  • There is only one party to go on at the same time. 

  • Please clean your area when finished.  (trash bags will be provided)

  • NORMAL POOL RULES ARE IN EFFECT- (i.e. band testing for deep water and diving area)



The following rates will be in effect for any party:

  • 0 to 10 guests- pay the regular gate fee
  • 11 to 20 guests- pay the regular gate fee plus $25.00
  • 21 to 30 guests- pay the regular gate fee plus 35.00



During the day, there is a 20 non-member limit- age 2 yrs. and over.


After 6:00 PM there is a 30 non-member limit- 2 yrs. and over.


WEEKEND POLICY (Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday)

There is a 20 non-member limit- 2 yrs. and over

Bulletin Board:

Cherry Bowl Website

is live with all sponsorship information on-line.


Early Morning Swim

6am - 7:30 M-F.

Bring member ID!ClubSplash Park is NOT OPEN during this time.

Facebook will be our Primary method of daily communications, and our email blasts will be limited to special events so be sure to join us on Facebook. If you did not receive any email and would like to, please simply email us to be added to our lists.. Thank you.

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