Guest Information

Guest Fees:

Age Weekday Weekend/Holiday
Children 2-15 $3.00 $4.00
Persons 16 and over $4.00 $6.00
Spectators (street clothes) $1.00 $1.00
After 6PM - 1/2 Daily Rate    
Senior citizens & clergy, with a member Free Free

Guest Policies:

The guest policy allows members to share the hospitality of the pool with their non-member friends. Members shall assume full responsibility for the conduct of their guests, and for any damage, breakage, or indebtedness incurred by their guests. No refunds.


  • Guests are permitted in the pool grounds only when accompanied by a sponsor member.
  • Members 12-15 years old may bring guests who are at least 12 years of age.

  • Members 16 years of age and older may bring guests.  All guests                                under the age of twelve(12) must report to a lifeguard to be tested for use of the pool.

  • Each bond-holding unit may sponsor area residents as guests on                                    not more than three occasions per season.  The regular guest fee                                    schedule applies.

  • Membership privileges may be extended to members of other swim clubs during their hosting of championship meets or when their pool is closed for specific reasons by the Board of Directors.

  •  The Pool Manager must be notified of private parties.


Local Guests:

  • No area resident will be admitted as a guest more than three times                                    per season.
    • The AREA of RESTRICTION is the area within about a mile and a half radius of the club, the physical limits are defined as follows:
      • Chapel Avenue from Route 38 to Kings Highway(Rte 41)
      • Kings Highway from Chapel Avenue to Rte 70.
      • Brace Road from Rte. 70 to Kresson Road
      • Kresson Road from Brace Road to Haddon Avenue
      • Haddon Avenue from Brace Road to Cuthbert Blvd.
      • Haddon Avenue to Rte 38; and Rte 38 from Cuthbert Blvd to Chapel Avenue.
  • Falsification of a guest’s address will result in the sponsoring member losing their pool privileges for three(3) days.
  • Where a guest is a local resident, and presents his currently valid membership card from another club, the Area Resident Restriction will not apply.

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